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Arranging A Funeral

A Funeral can be as elaborate or simple as you wish and completely unique. We will advise you about the different options available when we meet with you in person, but in preparation, you may wish to consider some of the things below.



Cremation has been the most popular family choice in this country for the past sixty years. Locally,  we are served by the following Crematoria: Telford Crematorium, Emstrey Crematorium, Shrewsbury, Bushbury Crematorium, Wolverhampton and Mercia Forest, Cannock. Naturally, we are more than happy to make arrangements for the service to take place in any Crematoria nationwide.  Cremated remains (‘Ashes’) may be retained, scattered or buried and there is an option to incorporate a small portion of ashes in jewellery items or keepsake urns. 



Burial, seen as the ‘traditional’ way, is still available in some churchyards, Local Authority cemeteries, and ‘Green Burial’ sites around the county. We can advise you of local availability and costs.


Funeral Venue

We will help you to create a unique and befitting funeral for your loved one. This may take the form of a traditional service in a religious building or crematorium, or a more contemporary ceremony in a village hall, hotel or even outdoors. For intimate gatherings, we have a small service chapel at our Funeral Home in Dawley Bank, where up to 16 mourners can be accommodated.  


Style Of Service

We understand that each family is unique, and so are their needs during a difficult time. We offer a range of services tailored to honour the memories of your loved one. Whether you choose a traditional burial, providing a timeless resting place that can be visited for generations, or opt for cremation with its flexibility and personalization, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our compassionate team is dedicated to assisting you in crafting a service that reflects the life and values of the life you are remembering. From planning the ceremony to selecting meaningful tributes, we offer comprehensive support, ensuring that your journey through this process is marked by comfort and understanding.


Our Fleet

At Harry Edwards & Sons, our commitment to excellence extends to our immaculate fleet of Bentley and Mercedes Hearses and Limousines. If, however, you would prefer something a little more unusual, we are able to provide alternative forms of transport, including horse-drawn, vintage lorry, motorbike and Volkswagen camper van hearses.


Choice Of Coffin Or Casket

We are here to help you choose a coffin or casket that is befitting of your loved one. Our range reflects both tradition and ecological consciousness, from veneered and solid woods to eco-friendly options created with sustainability in mind.



Music transcends language and has a real effect upon the ‘feel’ of the funeral service. Therefore, great care should be taken in the choice of music, hymns and songs; each choice being uplifting, or perhaps calm and contemplative. Perhaps the person that has died made known their personal choices; if not, read more to establish your way forward.

  • If your loved one did not make known their personal wishes regarding music, it may be that they knew and trusted you to make the right choices
  • Was there a specific genre of music they followed? – choose from this
  • Is there a military history? Would music from times of national mourning be appropriate? ‘Nimrod’ by Sir Edward Elgar is a slow, gentle and widely recognised piece; played on the organ, or by a Brass or Military Band – possibly performed by your loved one’s former regiment? Would ‘The Last Post’ followed by ‘Reveille’ be appropriate? Which section of the armed forces were they involved with: Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force? It might be appropriate to choose a recording by the relevant Band – but not necessarily. You may choose a combined forces band
  • Are there any other musical tastes followed by your loved one? The worlds of: Opera, Ballet, Classical, Musicals, Country, Jazz, Rock, Easy Listening (‘The Crooners’ – Sinatra, Bennett, Crosby, or more modern artists), Cinema, Sport, Television theme tunes (eg; ‘Last of the Summer Wine’), preferred instruments (piano, organ, brass , violin, guitar, etc.)
  • Go through their own records and CD’s and find a common denominator or an obviously favourite performer. Check what may be currently resting in their audio device
  • Can you remember what they listened to whilst driving? What concerts they attended? What they watched on television? What radio programmes they listened to?
  • Ask amongst your family and friends for their thoughts on the matter, or discuss possibilities with us
  • If you are still short of ideas, ask the Priest, Minister or Celebrant for their thoughts


Live Streaming

It is possible to ‘Live-stream’ or ‘Webcast’ the funeral service for the benefit of those who might be unable to travel for whatever reason – or where physical attendance may cause difficulty. 

  • Live webcasting enables someone who cannot travel, to see and hear the service as it happens.
  • There will usually be a fee to pay for these services – fees may vary
  • If you offset this fee against fuel, travel tickets and possibly accommodation; it may then seem very good value
  • Some crematoria, for a fee, offer a method of ordering a memory stick or ‘DVD’ with video and sound of the service to watch at a future time
  • Ask us about costs – or, visit the crematorium’s own website, which should detail the costs and services available
  • If you think of a family member using their mobile ‘phone to live-stream there are considerations: if there is no signal to stream / if it fails, how will the person feel about that, afterwards? / there may be an element of pressure upon an individual that takes this on / if the recording device is on a stand or tripod and someone stands in front blocking the view, the results may be a disappointment


Printed Orders Of Service

A very visual and commemorative aspect of any funeral is the individually designed order of service (otherwise; ‘service sheet’).

Our appointed specialist graphic designer produces excellent results, which will be a lasting memory and dedicated tribute to your someone special. It becomes a future source of reference and something very special to keep.


Visual Tributes

Most crematoria offer the opportunity to display a fixed photograph throughout the service, or even to view a slide-show or professional tribute set to music during the service. This can add a new dimension to the service – especially where music replaces the spoken word. We can assist you.


Floral Tributes

We are able to assist with the choice and provision of Floral Tributes, extensive brochures can be viewed in our office for you to peruse at your leisure.


Newspaper Announcements

We are pleased to offer guidance regarding the form of words to be used in the newspaper, should you so wish. We are equally pleased to receive the proposed announcement from you and forward this on to the local or national newspaper concerned. It is normal to publish the notice once.

  • Be succinct, but ensure that you say what you wish to say
  • Less is more, sometimes: ‘A beautiful person, who will be loved and remembered always’ – is a lovely, concise statement
  • Include names as you wish – but do ensure that you include everyone important to the life of the person who has died
  • It is perhaps more charitable to leave names out altogether, rather than exclude someone who was once special, but who has now lost favour
  • A general rule is; the more space you take up, the costlier it is (but do remember; “There is cost and value”)
  • We are pleased to help you create wording to suit the occasion


Donations To Charity

Many families choose to collect charitable donations in memory of their loved ones. We will provide a labelled collection box at the venue for you and can also set up an on-line giving page.


Donation To Medical Science

After liaising with the School of Anatomy, documents for completion and return will be sent to the person choosing to donate their body for research. These must be witnessed and Executors or next of kin informed, who fully consent to the proposed donation.

It is most important that professionals are made aware of the deceased’s wish to donate their body as soon as they pass away. This will ensure that they commence the necessary administrative procedures promptly, to meet the timescale required by the medical school.

It is worth noting that, even if approval is initially forthcoming from the School of Anatomy, there are factors which may prevent the donation, for example:

  • Too much time elapsing between death and donation
  • No actual current need – the school has enough donors at the time
  • Documentary failings and lack of support by family
  • The person has suffered from certain medical conditions or transmissible diseases prior to death or recently undergone surgery.

This will inevitably result in a funeral having to be financed by the Executors or family (which may not have been foreseen or provided for).



We have extensive experience of repatriating loved ones both into and out of the United Kingdom, either on behalf of the family or an Insurance Company.

From your initial call, we will guide you and keep you informed throughout the process, liaising with the Funeral Director abroad, together with all relevant authorities.


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