What to do before a death


Discuss your funeral requirements and instructions with a family member, or your Executor* - things are very much easier after your death when the right people know exactly what you wanted, with no guesswork involved. It is an act of kindness to prepare for this. (*Executor - a person, or persons, appointed by you and named in your Will who have legal authority to act according to your wishes regarding funeral arrangements, and to distribute your estate as per your written instructions. Executors take precedence over your family members and are empowered to do so in Law).

Consider a meeting with us in the comfort of your home, or at our office, to determine your future funeral requirements down to the last detail. We will hold this on file, or even finance these arrangements in advance with a Shropshire Funeral Plan. Call us: 01952 244949

You should 'get your house in order' and organise your important documentation (insurance policies, private pensions, investments, valuable assets, possessions, etc.) and generally make things simple and uncluttered for your family/executor to deal with after your death. We advise the use of a solicitor - not a Will writer service - should you deem it appropriate. 

Things to consider

Which option do I prefer? Burial, cremation, repatriation or gifting my body to a school of anatomy?
Burial: Is there an existing family grave that I may use, or will I purchase a new grave, and where? Do I prefer a woodland burial, and where? 
Cremation: What will happen to my ashes afterwards - do I prefer scattering, either at the crematorium, or privately? Is there an existing family grave where I would prefer my ashes to be interred? Do I want my ashes to be divided between family members, or scattered in a familiar place?
Repatriation: Do I want my body/ashes to go abroad to be reunited with my relatives, or interred in a new grave? Do I want a funeral service locally, prior to my repatriation? Which funeral director will I want to handle matters abroad when my body/ashes are repatriated? Do I want a funeral service abroad prior to the interment of my body/ashes?
School of Anatomy: Do I want a memorial service for my loved ones to attend in lieu of a funeral service, and who will lead this, and where? Will my family wait until the school of anatomy schedule a memorial service for myself and other donor families? I know that my body will be used for educational and research purposes - and that my body may not be needed by the school of anatomy when I die; therefore, I will have to choose another option in case this applies.

The Funeral Service

Do I want my funeral service* in church, prior to committal at the cemetery or crematorium? (* for a Catholic - a Requiem [Funeral] Mass, or short service in church?) It will not matter that you have not attended church regularly.
Would I prefer that the service takes place at the crematorium, or at the graveside?
Who do I want to conduct/lead the service - clergy, or a celebrant? (when not a service in church)
Do I even want a service? Direct cremation is available - contact us for details: 01952 244949

The Detail

Do I want...

A notice in the newspaper?
A service sheet, or order of service, with or without a photograph/s of me?
My choice of music; instead of/as well as a hymn?
Flowers - family only, from all, or just one beautiful spray on my coffin? See downloadable examples of our range at: 'Our services'; 'Flowers'
Family/friends/colleagues to act as bearers to carry/escort my coffin? - or, the funeral directors to do this?
I have served my country - do I want the Union Flag/Ensign/Colours/Honours/Cap on my coffin? British Legion/Regimental attendance? Bugler? Piper?
To wear my favourite/preferred clothing?
To place a certain item with me in the coffin? (Your rosary, a crucifix or cross, handbag, photographs, letters, etc.)
My family/friends/colleagues to see me in the chapel of rest - or, a closed coffin?
Someone specific to give the eulogy, or to read at my funeral?
Donations to the church, or specific charity? (name the charity of your choice)
A specific type of coffin: simple, ornate, colourful, solid wood, casket? See downloadable examples of our range at: 'Our services'; 'Coffins' 

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