Planned funerals

What to do when a relative with a Plan has died

Step One - if the death has occurred at home, contact the GP to confirm that your relative has died.

Step Two - contact us - 01952 244949 - to arrange for us to take your relative into our care.

Step Three - call the GP's surgery to ascertain when the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will be available for you to collect.

Step Four - call the Register Office for the district in which the death has occurred (see: 'Guidance'then 'Register Offices' and 'Registration').

Step Five - when you have registered the death (or, before if you wish to) call us: 01952 244949 and make an appointment to confirm the existing instructions and sign the necessary documentation - please bring the original copy of the Shropshire Funeral Plan with you, if you can find it.

If you wish - simply pick up the telephone and speak to us - 01952 244949 - we will guide you throughout.

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