Please see our downloadable coffin brochure for a selection of our most popular choices. We have vetted these for safety and dignity, and are mostly appropriate for cremation and burial (there are restrictions). Our range of coffins are in price ascending order (the most reasonably priced appears first). It is not our practice to 'up sell' the choice of coffin - but simply, to provide you with what you want. Our prices are probably the same as you would pay an internet provider for (if quality assured).

We can source absolutely anything that you may require - there are many options available, manufactured in the UK, and internationally.

Should you have already purchased your choice of coffin, we cannot guarantee its suitability for your chosen use, nor its construction, size and quality. We will attempt to 'make good' your purchase, but accept no liability whatsoever in doing so. We will apply a fee for the receiving, unpacking, checking, finishing and disposal of packaging waste for any product that you have delivered to us. 

Please click here to see our downloadable brochure with a selection of the coffins available.

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