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Arranging a Funeral - Green Burials

We offer a range of options for those people who are “environmentally conscious” and wish to have a Green Funeral. With the introduction of Woodland Burial Grounds in recent years, the choice for environmentally friendly funerals has now increased significantly.

What is a 'green' Burial?

There are a number of items that can constitute an environmentally conscious funeral, with the simplest of these being the coffin. We have a range of environmentally friendly coffins available, manufactured from cardboard, wicker, bamboo, papier mache or wool in a variety of colours and styles. We are also able to supply Oasis coffins, which are supplied by a Christian-based Company, and are manufactured in Bangladesh, bringing revenue into a poverty-stricken commmunity. For more information on the Oasis organisation please click here. All of our environmentally friendly coffins can be used for cremations, burials in conventional cemeteries or interments in new Woodland Burial Sites. We can also supply environmentally conscious cremated remains urns and caskets.

The second option is interment in a “Green Burial Ground” (Woodland site). Woodland Burial Grounds differ from conventional cemeteries in that there are restrictions on the materials that coffins are made from and in many cases no memorials are allowed. Sometimes, however, trees may be planted throughout the burial ground to create a conservation area. There are now around ninety-five woodland burial grounds in the country, with the nearest being Westhope, Nr Craven Arms, South Shropshire Rememberance Park, Church Stretton and Ludford Park Meadow of Rememberance, Ludlow. Cremated remains can also be interred at all Woodland Cemetery sites.

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