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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I give my body for medical research?

A: Those considering a donation of their body to a medical school should contact the specific school and ask for a Bequeathal Form and should understand the requirements of the school and what costs may be involved. Consideration should also be given to what affects the donation may have upon the family survivors. The Professor of the Department of Anatomy reserves the right to refuse the offer of a Bequeathal due to circumstances at the time of death. There is no guarantee of acceptance of any body at any time. Relatives who desire to reclaim the body for private burial or cremation may do so by making written request on the Bequeathal Form at the time of death. In this case all expenses concerned with burial or cremation must be borne by the estate of the deceased. Usually, this is approximately 18 months to 3 years following receipt of the body by the University. (It should be noted that not all Universities allow the body to be reclaimed for private burial or cremation).

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